Ruwhei Alpha (ruwhei) wrote,
Ruwhei Alpha

Small Quake

There was a 6.0 quake about 70 miles from me near Vallejo, CA. The news is completely freaking out about it; CNN has live coverage of the "disaster" and report that 90 people were injured and that stuff fell off shelves! (OMG!@#!@)

Guys, I've lived through several 6.0's. They are big enough to feel, yes, and give you a nice little shaking, but the restrictive building codes (aka evil government intrusion) make it so that quakes like this don't really cause much damage.

6.0 in Peru or place with poor building, yeah, I can imagine a lot of damage and some deaths. 6.0 here? A little surprise and rumble and no big deal, move on with your day.

The level of news/media freak out on an obviously slow news day about this is completely unwarrented. Come back when there's a 7 or 8.0 (100 times stronger quake). Then we'll talk.
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