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Ruwhei's Little Journal
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Sunday, August 24th, 2014
12:25 pm
Small Quake
There was a 6.0 quake about 70 miles from me near Vallejo, CA. The news is completely freaking out about it; CNN has live coverage of the "disaster" and report that 90 people were injured and that stuff fell off shelves! (OMG!@#!@)

Guys, I've lived through several 6.0's. They are big enough to feel, yes, and give you a nice little shaking, but the restrictive building codes (aka evil government intrusion) make it so that quakes like this don't really cause much damage.

6.0 in Peru or place with poor building, yeah, I can imagine a lot of damage and some deaths. 6.0 here? A little surprise and rumble and no big deal, move on with your day.

The level of news/media freak out on an obviously slow news day about this is completely unwarrented. Come back when there's a 7 or 8.0 (100 times stronger quake). Then we'll talk.
Friday, July 18th, 2014
2:14 pm
Its been nice and quiet after an adventuresome time going to various conventions, reptile shows, and work trips out to Colorado and back.

Its also been very hot -- but luckily the heat waves have been short, and we're back in the upper 80s, so that's been nice.

Played Wildstar for a bit. Great MMO, but ultimately you have to play with friends. If you are playing mostly solo and looking for friends on the game, it isn't quite as great.

Still loving Kerbal Space Program, though. That game never gets old.
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
7:27 pm
Maker's Faire, 2014.
Hey, since its been about a year, I will once again announce I am going to Maker's Faire in San Mateo in a couple of weeks.

I'm a lot more active on Twitter than Livejournal for those of you who follow that sort of thing (and many of you do). But I do regularly still read the livejournal updates.

In a way I'm kind of sad that livejournal is such a ghost town, but I know I'm not helping, as well.
Thursday, April 25th, 2013
9:36 am
Maker's Faire
I am planning on going to the San Mateo Maker's Faire on May 18-19, if anyone else has any similar plans. I got my hotel (I only paid $100 for the night @ the Holiday Inn, which is pretty darn good I think) so I'm all set.
Friday, September 21st, 2012
7:04 pm
Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
6:04 pm

Over at San Diego today getting ready for ComicCon. Visiting a few friends and getting dinner tonight but not much planned. big crowds, some Twilight fan girl got killed crossing the street already to line up for a panel two days early.

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012
2:36 pm
Voice Testing

This is just a test of the voice functionality in the LJ app.

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Sunday, May 6th, 2012
12:25 am
Ok. After some self-medication with Allegra, I feel much better. Man, I was death warmed over friday night. After putting in a 12 hour workday and gotten a pile of allergies on top of me, I was ready for the knackers.

A trip to costco for allegra this afternoon was much needed and I feel better. Not perfect, but better... enough to be functional anyway.

The 'hawk and myself are planning to head over to a coworker's place this afternoon to check out their llamas. Apparently, they have good fiber (ie, hair) for making into knitting stuff, and they have a metric ton of it for (hopefully) cheap.
Saturday, May 5th, 2012
12:07 pm

allergies suck. i have got a super bad case of them and its practically floored me. yesterdaey evening I just wanted to die... it is not just sneezing but also a stuffed head and coughing.

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Saturday, January 14th, 2012
7:03 pm
Been taking an Electronics/Radio class and have been enjoying it so far. I'll probably come out of it with a tech license and get a little involved. It can be all quite nerdy but I enjoy understanding how things work. Haven't quite gotten down to the actual physics but getting close.

The only real problem I have with the class (other than it can be a little difficult to follow as the teacher jumps around quite a bit) is that many of the other students (I'd say about half) don't really give a *beep* about this class. They just want to understand something for their jobs and then leave. Or they have like a single question about, say, an Antenna, and for the rest of the class they could care less.

I might get an Arduino or similar to try to teach myself some microcontroller stuff though, as I'd like to do a few small projects. I was sort of hammering out an automatic wireless (radio) temperature probe but I keep getting stuck with the issue of needing what amounts to a full blown microcontroller board to send the data. That's not a problem but its dumb to spend $50 per wireless temperature probe. Or at least it seems dumb...
Friday, January 13th, 2012
3:36 pm
Suitability Chart
I've been working for my current company for many, many years. Almost 15, in fact. That's a long time.

As a long time employee here, I am often asked by other employees about how such-and-such is doing, or perhaps what I think about them, or their skills, or how things are going. Over the years, I have developed an extremely simple method for answering these folks. Ultimately, it is not how management views people or even how competent people are, but also how they can socialize with others and get work done. I have found that many people can be extremely good "people persons" so to speak, and survive at a job indefinetly despite making many mistakes, for example.

There are rich examples of just about everyone in a workplace. To help out with answering the questions about so-and-so, I produced a very simple diagram that illustrates my views.

Now, this is a very simple chart to understand and makes things clear. At work, you can be a complete idiot, but so long as you are nice, you'll likely have a job for a while. Similarly, if you are a fucking genius, but a complete asshole, you can still have a job because people will over look you being a jerk to them since they need you. If people see you as both smart and nice, well, you are golden. You'll have a job for life. More likely though the person is just a new employee and hasn't been categorized into another position yet though... also more likely is they are closer to the center of the chart, where many people are. Not too warm, or too cold.

What you CANNOT be is an asshole AND incompetent. Those people usually do not last long at work. Now that doesn't mean they get fired right away... but usually they meet with ... accidents ... unexplained ones, and one day they are simply ... gone.

As I thought about this further, I was thinking this was a pretty good way to look at most things in life that I encounter. It seems applicable. It came to light when one of my cats came over to me and randomly BIT MY HEAD while I was reading (Apparently he likes hair grooming and such) that I expanded my employee chart to include cats.

I imagine most cats are somewhere just to the right of center, but you know... there are always those cats that start losing their saving graces...
Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
10:48 pm
Damn, I missed the deadline to cash out a bunch of sick time. I'm near the limit -- I have 532 hours saved up. I can cash out like 100 or so at least... that's a lot of money :P

Well I hope payroll can do something for me anyway, I find out tomorrow.
Friday, June 10th, 2011
9:59 am
Felt like writing something in the journal today.

I leave for Mexico City on June 19th, and am staying 10 days there. Most of them filled with worky stuff, but I hope there will be a bit of time for a little sightseeing at the zocolo or maybe the castle there. I may even get a chance to take pictures, we'll see... my blackberry has awful picture taking prowess though.

I finally cancelled WoW. Murakoski and I started playing about a week before it officially came out; we had to remake our characters at launch. I have been playing straight since then, and put in probably something like a year's worth of real life time into the game over the 6 or so years its been out, so its been a big part of my life. Cancelling it makes me feel empty. Over time though, everyone I played with has either left the game, left the server, have times incompatible with my own playtime, or I felt just didn't care enough.

When people tend to quit WoW, they describe a sense of relief, a sense of release from work or obligations. Instead I just feel empty. I failed to create social bonds sufficiently strong to make it a social experience, instead I found myself playing alone with strangers, most of which are self-interested jerks.

Its funny, because I do feel cataclysm is over all a much better designed game. But its also a game in which success is cheapened, in which diversity is diluted. Moreover, its just a game that my friends don't play anymore, and its difficult to form new friends when you don't need one another to succeed in anything.

Well, enough about WoW. Its difficult to have a conversation about it without people becoming stark raving lunatics. Here's an example: argentdawn.us, the Argent Dawn Exiles, is a website for people from our server, most of which have quit the game, to have a community about bitching about the game that they no longer play. This makes no sense to me at all.

I like the game and will probably always like the game, but its nothing without friends.

In other news I have been considering looking at buying another house. I'm a little frustrated with certain features of my current house (no garage, panhandlers are down at the corner, kinda small and old) and have thought about buying another house in the $300k range and renting my current house out for about what I pay for it in mortgage. Of course, suddenly taking on another $220k worth of debt or something makes me pretty nervous, but I do hear that I'll be rewarded when the housing market does recover in say 5 years or so. (Recover does not mean a return to 2007, but more a return to 2003 -- currently we're at about year 1999 levels).

The city is also considering some zone changes which, if I were to sell my current house, would require some modifications that would cost me maybe $10k or so. The combination of this all has driven my anxiety through the roof, so I suffer from panic attacks and all those fun things. I am hoping I can get that under control before my MX Trip. During my last MX trip, my cat got sick with some leukemia type sickness (he died a month later) and I was bouncing off the walls the entire time. NOT FUN.

ok enough journal entrying for now.

Current games being played: Terraria, and Europa Universalis III.
Thursday, May 12th, 2011
12:14 am
Planning a trip to Mexico City here in late June to setup an office. This is my third trip down there so it'll be interesting again... I'm always amazed by some of the crazy decisions people make down there.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
1:12 pm
Cisco Live!
So I've been attending Cisco LIVE! which is what they renamed Networkers to. Its a big cisco convention that is normally pretty pricy ($2k+) to attend, so I'm lucky to have had work send me to this. Its a fantastic training opportunity and its great to learn some of the newer things that are going on.

John Chambers, the Cisco CEO, might have been taking a Jobs like note for this convention when he did a nice little song-and-dance keynote with a focus on cloud computing. The idea of being able to simply deploy a collaborative website almost instantly was very attractive.

The big announcment, however, was the Cisco Cius,

which is an ipad like tablet that does a lot of ipad like functions, running Android and being part of a collaborative network. Its basically an iPad for business, and a lot of the demo was very cool.

It won't be available until 2011.

As usual my concern is that these tablets are very good at CONSUMING content but not very good at PRODUCING it. And if you are focusing on collaboration, you need to 'create' this content to share and collaborate with, so I really need to see more information how possible work flow proposals that use this thing. The fact you can plug it into a phone base is pretty cool, though.

Anyway, I'm not dead, I'm doing fine, and having a good time. Vegas is sweltering though -- and I hope to see Ka tonight.

Apologies for the disjointed livejournal post, my battery time is short. :)
Thursday, December 31st, 2009
6:32 pm
Friday, August 21st, 2009
11:06 am
241 days.
I must be going for some record here in the lack of updates.

Its not that things haven't gone on. Had a pay cut for this year. Riding has been an off/on thing. My latigo strings broke, and this is a simple repair but I seem to be flailing around at actually fixing it.

My mother passed away in May, so now I have no parents. I have been really not wanting to post anything about that, because I know I'll get a lot of sympathetic I'm sorry's from folks, and it feels odd now that its been several months ago, and she had been going downhill for many months. There's a sort of relief that she passed away relatively painlessly and 'quickly' rather than suffering a lot, and the strain on finances for the medical care was extreme. Basically, if you're gonna get sick for a while, be prepared to be destitute. The whole health care debate (to me) is not really whether government should pay for health care -- it will one way or another -- its just whether the sick person should be bankrupt first.

Most other things are pretty normal. The cars are starting to show their very long teeth, but I've been reluctant to buy anything new. Houses look very inexpensive now. I've often thought of renting my current house and buying a new house.

I could use a vacation from obligation.

I have decided I am an awful leader. I seem to lack some fundamental charisma to inspire people to participate toward some goal or activity. I don't really seem to know what causes this other than I seem to lack a certain 'knack'. As an individual participant people seem to like me and even admire or like my style, but the moment I'm in charge things fall apart. I think it might be because I tend to have expecations of people doing "A good job" or following up with their commitments, and when they fail to meet my expectations they get angry. If I were in their position I'd get sad that I was not able to achieve, so this is foreign to me.

I really should buy a new tv one of these days. But its hard to justify, I watch so little tv -- maybe 2-3 shows a month.

Might be making a trip in October; I'll let you know how it goes.
Sunday, February 1st, 2009
10:22 am
Birthday Happies!
Happy Birthday to Murakozi and Hastka!

Monday, December 29th, 2008
6:22 pm
So across the street from me is a house. Behind that is another house, and a couple of doors down from that house...

There apparently was some kind of gas leak. On Christmas Eve, this house *exploded*. And I do mean explode. The house literally became splinters of lumber. The neighboring houses took quite a bit of damage as well.

One person died, and two people were injured.

The Transportation Safety Board is here today investigating the accident.
Monday, December 22nd, 2008
10:10 am
More stuffs
Well, I spent last week in Denver, where temperatures dipped to -20F. I am not used to this type of cold, and I'd rather not have to deal with it again either. Its the type of cold you don't want to do anything with, just the kind of cold that makes you want to hide somewhere warm.

It snowed on thursday to boot, although by then the temperatures were hovering around 20F.

Got back home on Friday, and spend the weekend recovering. Rainy, rainy days though here.

I read the first book of the Temeraire series, His Majesty's Dragon, on the plane. Not a perfect book, but I loved it. Author Novik really has been able to write a 'new' way to deal with dragon riders. That and the dragons themselves are quite interesting too. I'm looking forward to reading Book 2 (Throne of Jade) here shortly.

Haven't been to see the ponies in a bit. Weather and travel has conspired to keep me away.

Looking forward to a week off between Xmas and New Years. Get some rest, reset myself, etc.
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