Ruwhei Alpha (ruwhei) wrote,
Ruwhei Alpha

More stuffs

Well, I spent last week in Denver, where temperatures dipped to -20F. I am not used to this type of cold, and I'd rather not have to deal with it again either. Its the type of cold you don't want to do anything with, just the kind of cold that makes you want to hide somewhere warm.

It snowed on thursday to boot, although by then the temperatures were hovering around 20F.

Got back home on Friday, and spend the weekend recovering. Rainy, rainy days though here.

I read the first book of the Temeraire series, His Majesty's Dragon, on the plane. Not a perfect book, but I loved it. Author Novik really has been able to write a 'new' way to deal with dragon riders. That and the dragons themselves are quite interesting too. I'm looking forward to reading Book 2 (Throne of Jade) here shortly.

Haven't been to see the ponies in a bit. Weather and travel has conspired to keep me away.

Looking forward to a week off between Xmas and New Years. Get some rest, reset myself, etc.
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