Ruwhei Alpha (ruwhei) wrote,
Ruwhei Alpha

Cisco Live!

So I've been attending Cisco LIVE! which is what they renamed Networkers to. Its a big cisco convention that is normally pretty pricy ($2k+) to attend, so I'm lucky to have had work send me to this. Its a fantastic training opportunity and its great to learn some of the newer things that are going on.

John Chambers, the Cisco CEO, might have been taking a Jobs like note for this convention when he did a nice little song-and-dance keynote with a focus on cloud computing. The idea of being able to simply deploy a collaborative website almost instantly was very attractive.

The big announcment, however, was the Cisco Cius,

which is an ipad like tablet that does a lot of ipad like functions, running Android and being part of a collaborative network. Its basically an iPad for business, and a lot of the demo was very cool.

It won't be available until 2011.

As usual my concern is that these tablets are very good at CONSUMING content but not very good at PRODUCING it. And if you are focusing on collaboration, you need to 'create' this content to share and collaborate with, so I really need to see more information how possible work flow proposals that use this thing. The fact you can plug it into a phone base is pretty cool, though.

Anyway, I'm not dead, I'm doing fine, and having a good time. Vegas is sweltering though -- and I hope to see Ka tonight.

Apologies for the disjointed livejournal post, my battery time is short. :)
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