Ruwhei Alpha (ruwhei) wrote,
Ruwhei Alpha


Been taking an Electronics/Radio class and have been enjoying it so far. I'll probably come out of it with a tech license and get a little involved. It can be all quite nerdy but I enjoy understanding how things work. Haven't quite gotten down to the actual physics but getting close.

The only real problem I have with the class (other than it can be a little difficult to follow as the teacher jumps around quite a bit) is that many of the other students (I'd say about half) don't really give a *beep* about this class. They just want to understand something for their jobs and then leave. Or they have like a single question about, say, an Antenna, and for the rest of the class they could care less.

I might get an Arduino or similar to try to teach myself some microcontroller stuff though, as I'd like to do a few small projects. I was sort of hammering out an automatic wireless (radio) temperature probe but I keep getting stuck with the issue of needing what amounts to a full blown microcontroller board to send the data. That's not a problem but its dumb to spend $50 per wireless temperature probe. Or at least it seems dumb...
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